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Case Study – Dr. Rebecca A. Havel DDS, SC

A Challenge Arises

Dr. Havel wanted to implement an in-house membership program. Her WHY was so she could help more patients receive quality dental care and positively impact her practice’s bottom-line. Knowing her why came easy, the problem she faced was how to manage it. Her office manager at the time thought a spread sheet would work. Spreadsheets are good for some things but managing reoccurring payments in an automated method she found was not one of them. She found that use of spreadsheets could work if the intend was to have only 15-25 members. That certainly was not her intent and she could easily argue why even have a program in the first place if to only help 15-25 patients. It was clear that for sake of ease of management there had to be another solution. It was at that point; Dr. Havel knew another solution be sought out.

Cultivating a Solution

She asked Adam, of Netsonic – a Green Bay based datacenter owner, whose operation has been providing hosting, colocation, cloud and custom dedicated server solutions to customers around the globe since 1996, to evaluate options available in the marketplace. In this evaluation it was found that the services available were few but also those available were either very expensive – per patient fees, large setup fees - or the vendors were unresponsive.

Leveraging the datacenter and data management, security and protection experience of Netsonic, he set out to create a solution that was easy to use and affordable for any size practice.

A Solution is Born

With Dr. Havel’s needs & requirements known and her continued feedback a solution was born, fine-tuned and enhanced over a period to ensure that the needs of her practice and patients were met.
It was conveyed the platform had to be easy to use and simple to implement. That was accomplished by design. The design of the platform was such that it’s ONE primary mission was to do the management and automation of payments for their in-house membership program. The platform design was not to track benefits or carry on other functions already maintained in other practices primary management software.
It is because of Stoneprism Software’s simplicity that that new and current practices can look forward to minimized training and reduction in long-term support burdens.

The End Result

After some time being in use, Dr. Havel has found the in-house membership platform well received by her patients and her staff. It is generating thousands of dollars in predictable recurring revenues automatically. Staff are signing up patients at the front desk in virtually no time at all and many patients are enrolling on their own right through her web site. She finds her renewal rates in her membership program have been over 98% and her treatment acceptance by patients in the membership program has been over 96%. This not only has led to healthier patients but has also led to a healthier practice – satisfying her reason WHY!

To those interested in starting their own membership program…please, do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

Our primary reason for being, is to provide our consumers the same simplification and automation Dr. Havel has and continues to experience with her own in-house membership program.

We have come to know, that same simplified and automated software, will be a key factor in the long-term success of your program for both you and your patients – which we take pride in.

Warm regards,

Adam L. Simpson
President, Stoneprism
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