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What is an In-House Membership Program?

Simply put, It is an easy to create in-house savings plan that you uniquely design and provide to patients at a low monthly or annual cost.

In-House Membership Management Made Simple

Dentists and dental practice staff can instantly create and manage their in-house membership program simply and effortlessly with the Stoneprism dental practice membership management platform. Most dental practice owners know that an in-house membership program is good for their practice, their revenues and their patients. We make the management of your in-house membership program simple, automated and efficient. With no deployment cost, customized marketing tools included for free and full onboarding and training, there is no reason to not have an in-house membership program in your dental practice and there is no reason to not get started today!


You are one huge step ahead of the game by already having an in-house membership program in place; but are trying to manage on your own?

Are you finding it difficult to manage?
Are you or your team spending too much time with it?
Are you having a hard time collecting renewal payments?
Are your expectations of membership matching your current results?
Could you benefit more patients with an automated system in place?






As you already know, in-house membership programs are becoming an increasingly popular way for practices to grow and add value to their practice. Here is why...

  • These programs help you retain existing patients and attract new patients.
  • They increase patient loyalty and recall because now patients have a committable reason to come in.
  • Members will typically elect to accept more recommended treatment because of their boosted buying power due to their right of choice.
  • Collection of payment is upfront and faster ultimately increasing your recurring revenue stream.
  • Reduce the dependency on insurance and combat the declining reimbursement rates by insurance.
  • Eliminates or reduces the time and expense incurred by processing insurance
  • Your plan options are for your choosing.
  • Patient care is the focus and is not dictated by insurance benefit inclusion.

Once you are ready to proceed with your membership program using the Stoneprism platform, the process is simple.
Go to our Get Started page to learn how!

  • Katherine, Memberships and Insurance Manager
    "Since implementing Stoneprism, we have been able to streamline our process of adding and managing users and their renewals.  We have been able to offer it as a monthly option for our patients because it is automated.  This has led to a significant increase in membership enrollment.  We have gone over 400 members now and could not be happier."
    Katherine, Memberships and Insurance Manager
  • “Every patient I offer this membership to has elected to begin.  I always say its great to watch these patients when presenting their treatment plans since they like to see the (15%) savings.  Great to know we can do this for them.”  Brenda, Office Administrator

  • "We implemented our in-house membership program approximately 6 months ago.  In that time we have added over 50 patient members creating annual re-occurring membership revenue greater than $20,000.  This does not include the value of the additional treatment services many of our members are using.   It is an easy decision for our uninsured patient base to enroll.  We are excited to see it continue to grow." Dr. Harris, DMD

  • "We were originally uncertain where to begin with our membership program.  You walked us through the process and made it so understandable.  We are enrolling a significant percentage of our uninsured patient base and even some are dropping their "insurance" benefits plan and choosing ours.   All it took was making them aware of our in-house program.  Thank you Stoneprism!"  Vivian, Office Finance Manager

  • "Thank you for the simple and fast setup of our in-house membership program.  You made it so easy to get started.   We started adding patients almost immediately."  Dr. Donna

  • "Thank you Stoneprism for your guidance, advice and continued support – you have made this easy. Our program continues to grow exponentially. We are happy to report many successes'; freed up team time, less time dealing with insurance, a tool to retain our existing patients and grow our practice. I have found patients pay immediately, come back routinely and accept more treatment. We are extremely happy!"  Rebecca A. Havel, DDS, SC

  • "We looked into many in-house management platforms including doing it ourselves and found Stoneprism the simplest to use and was the most efficient overall. They have the lowest per member cost and we appreciate the fact that we are not locked into a long term contract if it is not working for us in the future.   The training we received really helped us to hit the ground running.  The Stoneprism staff have been flexible and accommodating to this new addition to our practice."     Jackie,  Office Manager

  • "When a patient is standing at our front desk and we want to sign them up for a membership, it literally takes us 20 seconds and it is done.  I'm incredibly pleased with the Stoneprism platform and the support we have received."   Audrey, Dental Office Manager