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What is a Membership Plan?

An easy to create in-house savings plan that you uniquely design and provide to patients at a low monthly or annual cost.

Who is Stoneprism?

A purpose-built secure cloud-based in-house membership management platform. We simplify, create, automate, and grow in-house membership programs.

Why Partner with Stoneprism?

We are Partner Friendly! If you are an/a...

Independent Consultant
Consulting Firm
CPA Firm
Independent CPA
Dental Buying Group
Dental Technology Group
Dental Supplier

Do you have a positive mindset?
A great reputation? Do you understand the value in working together?
If YES, we are interested in talking with you!

Positive reputations attract positive outcomes!

Our Reasons for Seeking Partnership:
We do better together, collaboration is key!
You are experts at what you do.
We want to expand into new markets.
Stoneprism wants to enhance our reputation and exposure.
Strengthen and see that patient care is the focus.
We want to be recognized by small business owners as a revenue tool.
We know your clients trust you! If it’s good enough for you, it should be good enough for them.
Face to face is better, your proximity could be closer therefore better.
Increase our brand alertness.
We value trust and relationships.

Why Partner with Stoneprism?
We are experts at what we do.
We are in the business of building strong relationships, together we are better!
Stoneprism will take the time to educate you on what we do and why it is important.
Our platform will add value to your products and services.
You will find our purpose-built solution is easy to use.
Stoneprism will provide you with support tools; information, flyers, etc.
You choose how much or little you want to be involved.
We have found, there is minimal support needed after a sale.
No monetary investment.
No increased workload.
Keep or Gain a competitive edge.
You will receive great incentives, which are customizable to who you are.

We want to add value and create shared successes, win/win!

Our Partnering Strategy:

Develop a Relationship
Ensure a WIN/WIN for all involved.
Agree on WIN/WIN Outcomes.
Communicate Clear Goals to Each Other.
Set Strategic Objectives (the how behind each goal)
Put Plan in Place.
Deliver On It.

Allow us to earn your trust with our values, competency and accountability.