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Membership Manager Patient Interface

Simplified, Automated, Efficient, Intuitive Membership Management

Below is a small sampling of screenshots containing various aspects of the patient interface. It is designed to be simple, efficient and intuitive for your patients. They can sign up in under 30 seconds making it simple, quick and easy for them. This will reduce support burden and increases efficiency of your operations which in turn will lead to higher revenues, higher practice value and higher patient satisfaction.



Simple 30 Second Signup Process.  The patient can sign themselves up at anytime from anywhere in under 30 seconds.



Once your patient is enrolled, they can sign in easily with their email address and password.  If they have lost or forgotten their password this is no problem.  They can reset it on their own without assistance or a call to your office.

Once your patient logs into the membership management portal, they will see tabs for memberships,  history, patient profile and practice news.  The history tab will show the patients memberships, activation dates and renewal dates.  The patient can also download receipts of their transactions.


Under the memberships tab, the patient will see available memberships and the membership they are subscribed – indicated by the “active” ribbon.


A convenient contact interface is available to the patient in their portal as an easy way to communicate with you and your office staff.

When you have news you would like to share with your members, an easy to use admin interface is built in that allows you to put news out and on to the patient portal.

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