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Membership Manager Staff Interface

Simplified, Automated, Efficient, Intuitive
Membership Management

Below is a small sampling of screenshots of various aspects of the patient interface. It is designed to be simple, efficient, automated and intuitive for you and your staff. You can sign up a new patient member in less than 30 seconds and add additional family members in less than 10 seconds. This increases the efficiency of your operations and simplifies the management of your in-house dental membership program.

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Stoneprism Staff Portal and Dashboard


The main dashboard gives you an overall view of your in-house membership program.  It shows Registered Users, Active and Pending Users as well as Active Memberships.  It also shows graphically your sales and membership counts so at a glance you can see how you are doing with your membership program.  The left frame will always be visible and will contain links to other administrative areas of the platform.



Viewing the status, progress, members and count of a specific membership plan is available with a single click.

Membership Plan HIstory
Membership Details Management


Editing your membership plans and details could not be easier with intuitive single click access to the membership details and the subscribed members list.  You can customize your plans in any way you see fit for your practice.


Want to post news to your patient membership portal?  It is simple and efficient with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor built into the staff interface.

Create News and Announcements
Create your Newsletter


Similar to the news editor, You can also email a newsletter to all of your patients enrolled in your in-house membership program.  Use it to notify patients of members only offerings, perhaps you have an opening tomorrow and want to fill it, notify your members and get them in for treatment.



View a brief two minute overview of the Stoneprism membership management platforms staff interface that shows the overall simplicity and efficiency that the platform offers.   

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